Omani Rial (OMR) Exchange Rates on 24th January 2020 (24/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Omani Rial (OMR)

Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR GBP 1.9805 OMR to GBP 0.5049 GBP to OMR
OMR BGN 4.6036 OMR to BGN 0.2172 BGN to OMR
OMR HRK 17.5226 OMR to HRK 0.0571 HRK to OMR
OMR CZK 59.2332 OMR to CZK 0.0169 CZK to OMR
OMR DKK 17.589 OMR to DKK 0.0569 DKK to OMR
OMR HUF 792.9518 OMR to HUF 0.0013 HUF to OMR
OMR KZT 986.4895 OMR to KZT 0.001 KZT to OMR
OMR LVL 1.5733 OMR to LVL 0.6356 LVL to OMR
OMR LTL 7.6802 OMR to LTL 0.1302 LTL to OMR
OMR MKD 144.9619 OMR to MKD 0.0069 MKD to OMR
OMR MDL 46.2953 OMR to MDL 0.0216 MDL to OMR
OMR NOK 23.3981 OMR to NOK 0.0427 NOK to OMR
OMR PLN 9.9936 OMR to PLN 0.1001 PLN to OMR
OMR RON 11.2529 OMR to RON 0.0889 RON to OMR
OMR RUB 160.9582 OMR to RUB 0.0062 RUB to OMR
OMR SEK 24.7961 OMR to SEK 0.0403 SEK to OMR
OMR CHF 2.524 OMR to CHF 0.3962 CHF to OMR
OMR TRY 15.4268 OMR to TRY 0.0648 TRY to OMR
OMR UAH 63.8951 OMR to UAH 0.0157 UAH to OMR
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR ARS 156.0512 OMR to ARS 0.0064 ARS to OMR
OMR BOB 18.0431 OMR to BOB 0.0554 BOB to OMR
OMR BRL 10.8484 OMR to BRL 0.0922 BRL to OMR
OMR CAD 3.4144 OMR to CAD 0.2929 CAD to OMR
OMR KYD 2.1744 OMR to KYD 0.4599 KYD to OMR
OMR CLP 2026.7009 OMR to CLP 0.0005 CLP to OMR
OMR COP 8742.9122 OMR to COP 0.0001 COP to OMR
OMR CRC 1473.5956 OMR to CRC 0.0007 CRC to OMR
OMR DOP 138.7862 OMR to DOP 0.0072 DOP to OMR
OMR SVC 22.8307 OMR to SVC 0.0438 SVC to OMR
OMR FJD 5.6461 OMR to FJD 0.1771 FJD to OMR
OMR HNL 64.2595 OMR to HNL 0.0156 HNL to OMR
OMR JMD 362.7029 OMR to JMD 0.0028 JMD to OMR
OMR MXN 48.7907 OMR to MXN 0.0205 MXN to OMR
OMR ANG 4.3313 OMR to ANG 0.2309 ANG to OMR
OMR PYG 17030.7614 OMR to PYG 0.0001 PYG to OMR
OMR PEN 8.6589 OMR to PEN 0.1155 PEN to OMR
OMR TTD 17.6432 OMR to TTD 0.0567 TTD to OMR
OMR USD 2.601 OMR to USD 0.3845 USD to OMR
OMR UYU 97.6143 OMR to UYU 0.0102 UYU to OMR
OMR VEF 25.9779 OMR to VEF 0.0385 VEF to OMR
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR AUD 3.8008 OMR to AUD 0.2631 AUD to OMR
OMR BDT 221.5137 OMR to BDT 0.0045 BDT to OMR
OMR BND 3.5204 OMR to BND 0.2841 BND to OMR
OMR CNY 18.0426 OMR to CNY 0.0554 CNY to OMR
OMR INR 185.3444 OMR to INR 0.0054 INR to OMR
OMR IDR 35322.8323 OMR to IDR 0 IDR to OMR
OMR JPY 284.9121 OMR to JPY 0.0035 JPY to OMR
OMR MYR 10.5667 OMR to MYR 0.0946 MYR to OMR
OMR MVR 40.1855 OMR to MVR 0.0249 MVR to OMR
OMR NPR 297.3398 OMR to NPR 0.0034 NPR to OMR
OMR NZD 3.932 OMR to NZD 0.2543 NZD to OMR
OMR PKR 403.7202 OMR to PKR 0.0025 PKR to OMR
OMR PGK 9.0069 OMR to PGK 0.111 PGK to OMR
OMR PHP 132.295 OMR to PHP 0.0076 PHP to OMR
OMR SCR 35.6314 OMR to SCR 0.0281 SCR to OMR
OMR SGD 3.5109 OMR to SGD 0.2848 SGD to OMR
OMR KRW 3038.1111 OMR to KRW 0.0003 KRW to OMR
OMR LKR 473.649 OMR to LKR 0.0021 LKR to OMR
OMR TWD 78.0376 OMR to TWD 0.0128 TWD to OMR
OMR THB 79.3159 OMR to THB 0.0126 THB to OMR
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR BHD 0.9806 OMR to BHD 1.0198 BHD to OMR
OMR EGP 41.0165 OMR to EGP 0.0244 EGP to OMR
OMR HKD 20.2162 OMR to HKD 0.0495 HKD to OMR
OMR ILS 8.9877 OMR to ILS 0.1113 ILS to OMR
OMR JOD 1.8442 OMR to JOD 0.5423 JOD to OMR
OMR KWD 0.7901 OMR to KWD 1.2656 KWD to OMR
OMR LBP 3945.7196 OMR to LBP 0.0003 LBP to OMR
OMR QAR 9.4703 OMR to QAR 0.1056 QAR to OMR
OMR SAR 9.7573 OMR to SAR 0.1025 SAR to OMR
OMR AED 9.5535 OMR to AED 0.1047 AED to OMR
OMR YER 651.1701 OMR to YER 0.0015 YER to OMR
Updated: 2020-01-24
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR DZD 311.4873 OMR to DZD 0.0032 DZD to OMR
OMR KES 262.2896 OMR to KES 0.0038 KES to OMR
OMR MUR 95.5631 OMR to MUR 0.0105 MUR to OMR
OMR MAD 25.0923 OMR to MAD 0.0399 MAD to OMR
OMR NAD 37.4491 OMR to NAD 0.0267 NAD to OMR
OMR NIO 88.0242 OMR to NIO 0.0114 NIO to OMR
OMR NGN 940.2732 OMR to NGN 0.0011 NGN to OMR
OMR SLL 25262.5179 OMR to SLL 0 SLL to OMR
OMR ZAR 37.3871 OMR to ZAR 0.0267 ZAR to OMR
OMR TZS 5996.9349 OMR to TZS 0.0002 TZS to OMR
OMR TND 7.3447 OMR to TND 0.1362 TND to OMR
OMR UGX 9596.9313 OMR to UGX 0.0001 UGX to OMR
OMR XOF 1543.2753 OMR to XOF 0.0006 XOF to OMR
OMR ZMK 23412.4495 OMR to ZMK 0 ZMK to OMR

Omani Rial (OMR)

1 Omani Rial is subdivided into 1000 baizas.

Oman is a rather small country in the Middle East that sits on the Arabian Sea. Oman is an Arab state located in southwest Asia and is bordered on the northwest by the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia lies to the west of the country with Yemen on the southwest. The Gulf of Oman is located in the country’s northeast side with the Arabian Sea on the southeast. Those visiting Oman will find the climate to be very hot and dry. Annual rainfall amounts to less than 4 inches with most of that falling in January. The mountain areas of the country do receive some rainfall as do the coastal regions. The climate in general however is typically hot with temperatures reaching more than 100 °F on average throughout the summer months.

Coins used:
5, 10, 25, 50 baisa

Banknotes used:
100, 200 baisa, ½, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 rials

Central Bank
Central Bank of Oman
The economy for the country is largely driven by oil exports and natural gas export has grown significantly over the past few years. The official currency for the Sultanate of Oman is the Omani Rial. The rial has an ISO code of OMR and is subdivided into 1,000 baisa. Banknotes for the rial are issued in denominations of OMR 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 as well as 100, 200 and 500 baisa. Coins are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25 and 50 baisa.

Visitors will find many ATMs situated throughout Oman. In fact, there are more than 65 total in the country. American Express as well as Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely at ATMs and many shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. Traveler’s checks are very easy to exchange although there is often an exchange rate. Traveler’s checks in US Dollars typically have a much lower exchange rate than those in other foreign currencies.

Most banks in Oman will exchange currencies and moneychangers are found throughout the major areas as well. Banks typically operate from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm on Saturdays through Wednesdays and from 8:00 am until 11:30 am on Thursdays. Moneychangers keep similar operating hours but are also open in many cases from 4 pm until 7 pm. Moneychangers offer a slightly lesser charge for currency exchange than most banks and will typically charge only a 500 baisa commission per exchange transaction.

There are currently no restrictions in Oman regarding the import or export of foreign or local currency. Israeli currency however is prohibited in the country and cannot be exchanged at any bank, moneychanger or anywhere else.

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