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Omani Rial (OMR) Exchange Rates on 03rd February 2023 (03/02/2023)

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Exchange rates for Omani Rial (OMR)

Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR OMR GBP GBP 2.0964 OMR to GBP 0.477 GBP to OMR
OMR OMR BGN BGN 4.6628 OMR to BGN 0.2145 BGN to OMR
OMR OMR HRK HRK 18.292 OMR to HRK 0.0547 HRK to OMR
OMR OMR CZK CZK 56.0484 OMR to CZK 0.0178 CZK to OMR
OMR OMR DKK DKK 17.5328 OMR to DKK 0.057 DKK to OMR
OMR OMR HUF HUF 917.8488 OMR to HUF 0.0011 HUF to OMR
OMR OMR KZT KZT 1183.1576 OMR to KZT 0.0008 KZT to OMR
OMR OMR LVL LVL 1.5712 OMR to LVL 0.6365 LVL to OMR
OMR OMR MKD MKD 145.318 OMR to MKD 0.0069 MKD to OMR
OMR OMR MDL MDL 48.3633 OMR to MDL 0.0207 MDL to OMR
OMR OMR NOK NOK 25.6631 OMR to NOK 0.039 NOK to OMR
OMR OMR PLN PLN 11.0872 OMR to PLN 0.0902 PLN to OMR
OMR OMR RON RON 11.5705 OMR to RON 0.0864 RON to OMR
OMR OMR RUB RUB 182.1229 OMR to RUB 0.0055 RUB to OMR
OMR OMR SEK SEK 26.7462 OMR to SEK 0.0374 SEK to OMR
OMR OMR CHF CHF 2.356 OMR to CHF 0.4245 CHF to OMR
OMR OMR TRY TRY 48.8819 OMR to TRY 0.0205 TRY to OMR
OMR OMR UAH UAH 94.8872 OMR to UAH 0.0105 UAH to OMR
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR OMR ARS ARS 486.4102 OMR to ARS 0.0021 ARS to OMR
OMR OMR BOB BOB 17.9472 OMR to BOB 0.0557 BOB to OMR
OMR OMR BRL BRL 13.1319 OMR to BRL 0.0762 BRL to OMR
OMR OMR CAD CAD 3.4488 OMR to CAD 0.29 CAD to OMR
OMR OMR KYD KYD 2.141 OMR to KYD 0.4671 KYD to OMR
OMR OMR CLP CLP 2043.0607 OMR to CLP 0.0005 CLP to OMR
OMR OMR COP COP 12011.3189 OMR to COP 0.0001 COP to OMR
OMR OMR CRC CRC 1416.9844 OMR to CRC 0.0007 CRC to OMR
OMR OMR DOP DOP 145.6965 OMR to DOP 0.0069 DOP to OMR
OMR OMR SVC SVC 22.4787 OMR to SVC 0.0445 SVC to OMR
OMR OMR FJD FJD 5.6273 OMR to FJD 0.1777 FJD to OMR
OMR OMR HNL HNL 63.3502 OMR to HNL 0.0158 HNL to OMR
OMR OMR JMD JMD 393.7426 OMR to JMD 0.0025 JMD to OMR
OMR OMR MXN MXN 48.2453 OMR to MXN 0.0207 MXN to OMR
OMR OMR ANG ANG 4.6302 OMR to ANG 0.216 ANG to OMR
OMR OMR PYG PYG 18872.33 OMR to PYG 0.0001 PYG to OMR
OMR OMR PEN PEN 9.8776 OMR to PEN 0.1012 PEN to OMR
OMR OMR TTD TTD 17.4344 OMR to TTD 0.0574 TTD to OMR
OMR OMR USD USD 2.5975 OMR to USD 0.385 USD to OMR
OMR OMR UYU UYU 99.5875 OMR to UYU 0.01 UYU to OMR
OMR OMR VEF VEF 5804383.4572 OMR to VEF 0 VEF to OMR
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR OMR AUD AUD 3.6342 OMR to AUD 0.2752 AUD to OMR
OMR OMR BDT BDT 272.5175 OMR to BDT 0.0037 BDT to OMR
OMR OMR BND BND 3.3727 OMR to BND 0.2965 BND to OMR
OMR OMR CNY CNY 17.4325 OMR to CNY 0.0574 CNY to OMR
OMR OMR INR INR 212.4214 OMR to INR 0.0047 INR to OMR
OMR OMR IDR IDR 38597.5629 OMR to IDR 0 IDR to OMR
OMR OMR JPY JPY 333.632 OMR to JPY 0.003 JPY to OMR
OMR OMR MYR MYR 11.0121 OMR to MYR 0.0908 MYR to OMR
OMR OMR MVR MVR 39.8976 OMR to MVR 0.0251 MVR to OMR
OMR OMR NPR NPR 336.9746 OMR to NPR 0.003 NPR to OMR
OMR OMR NZD NZD 3.9748 OMR to NZD 0.2516 NZD to OMR
OMR OMR PKR PKR 690.463 OMR to PKR 0.0014 PKR to OMR
OMR OMR PGK PGK 9.0546 OMR to PGK 0.1104 PGK to OMR
OMR OMR PHP PHP 139.9595 OMR to PHP 0.0071 PHP to OMR
OMR OMR SCR SCR 34.7045 OMR to SCR 0.0288 SCR to OMR
OMR OMR SGD SGD 3.387 OMR to SGD 0.2952 SGD to OMR
OMR OMR KRW KRW 3164.9745 OMR to KRW 0.0003 KRW to OMR
OMR OMR LKR LKR 940.2459 OMR to LKR 0.0011 LKR to OMR
OMR OMR TWD TWD 77.0273 OMR to TWD 0.013 TWD to OMR
OMR OMR THB THB 85.003 OMR to THB 0.0118 THB to OMR
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR OMR BHD BHD 0.9792 OMR to BHD 1.0212 BHD to OMR
OMR OMR EGP EGP 78.4603 OMR to EGP 0.0127 EGP to OMR
OMR OMR HKD HKD 20.3683 OMR to HKD 0.0491 HKD to OMR
OMR OMR ILS ILS 8.9662 OMR to ILS 0.1115 ILS to OMR
OMR OMR JOD JOD 1.8427 OMR to JOD 0.5427 JOD to OMR
OMR OMR KWD KWD 0.7915 OMR to KWD 1.2635 KWD to OMR
OMR OMR LBP LBP 38962.4711 OMR to LBP 0 LBP to OMR
OMR OMR QAR QAR 9.4581 OMR to QAR 0.1057 QAR to OMR
OMR OMR SAR SAR 9.7475 OMR to SAR 0.1026 SAR to OMR
OMR OMR AED AED 9.5408 OMR to AED 0.1048 AED to OMR
OMR OMR YER YER 650.4139 OMR to YER 0.0015 YER to OMR
Updated: 2023-02-03
Convert from Convert to 1 OMR Conversion in currency Conversion
OMR OMR DZD DZD 351.9333 OMR to DZD 0.0028 DZD to OMR
OMR OMR KES KES 323.6463 OMR to KES 0.0031 KES to OMR
OMR OMR MUR MUR 116.4982 OMR to MUR 0.0086 MUR to OMR
OMR OMR MAD MAD 26.1387 OMR to MAD 0.0383 MAD to OMR
OMR OMR NAD NAD 44.6249 OMR to NAD 0.0224 NAD to OMR
OMR OMR NIO NIO 93.8785 OMR to NIO 0.0107 NIO to OMR
OMR OMR NGN NGN 1196.1972 OMR to NGN 0.0008 NGN to OMR
OMR OMR SLL SLL 50586.076 OMR to SLL 0 SLL to OMR
OMR OMR ZAR ZAR 44.2437 OMR to ZAR 0.0226 ZAR to OMR
OMR OMR TZS TZS 6070.3594 OMR to TZS 0.0002 TZS to OMR
OMR OMR TND TND 7.8665 OMR to TND 0.1271 TND to OMR
OMR OMR UGX UGX 9466.7574 OMR to UGX 0.0001 UGX to OMR
OMR OMR XOF XOF 1547.1751 OMR to XOF 0.0006 XOF to OMR
OMR OMR ZMK ZMK 23380.5336 OMR to ZMK 0 ZMK to OMR

Omani Rial (OMR)

1 Omani Rial is subdivided into 1000 baizas.

Oman is a rather small country in the Middle East that sits on the Arabian Sea. Oman is an Arab state located in southwest Asia and is bordered on the northwest by the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia lies to the west of the country with Yemen on the southwest. The Gulf of Oman is located in the country’s northeast side with the Arabian Sea on the southeast. Those visiting Oman will find the climate to be very hot and dry. Annual rainfall amounts to less than 4 inches with most of that falling in January. The mountain areas of the country do receive some rainfall as do the coastal regions. The climate in general however is typically hot with temperatures reaching more than 100 °F on average throughout the summer months.

Coins used:
5, 10, 25, 50 baisa

Banknotes used:
100, 200 baisa, ˝, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 rials

Central Bank
Central Bank of Oman
The economy for the country is largely driven by oil exports and natural gas export has grown significantly over the past few years. The official currency for the Sultanate of Oman is the Omani Rial. The rial has an ISO code of OMR and is subdivided into 1,000 baisa. Banknotes for the rial are issued in denominations of OMR 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 as well as 100, 200 and 500 baisa. Coins are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25 and 50 baisa.

Visitors will find many ATMs situated throughout Oman. In fact, there are more than 65 total in the country. American Express as well as Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely at ATMs and many shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. Traveler’s checks are very easy to exchange although there is often an exchange rate. Traveler’s checks in US Dollars typically have a much lower exchange rate than those in other foreign currencies.

Most banks in Oman will exchange currencies and moneychangers are found throughout the major areas as well. Banks typically operate from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm on Saturdays through Wednesdays and from 8:00 am until 11:30 am on Thursdays. Moneychangers keep similar operating hours but are also open in many cases from 4 pm until 7 pm. Moneychangers offer a slightly lesser charge for currency exchange than most banks and will typically charge only a 500 baisa commission per exchange transaction.

There are currently no restrictions in Oman regarding the import or export of foreign or local currency. Israeli currency however is prohibited in the country and cannot be exchanged at any bank, moneychanger or anywhere else.

Other References
Wikipedia article on Omani Rial

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