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Bolivian Boliviano (BOB) Exchange Rates on 02nd June 2023 (02/06/2023)

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Exchange rates for Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)

Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BOB GBP GBP 0.116 BOB to GBP 8.6215 GBP to BOB
BOB BOB BGN BGN 0.2642 BOB to BGN 3.7848 BGN to BOB
BOB BOB HRK HRK 1.0099 BOB to HRK 0.9902 HRK to BOB
BOB BOB CZK CZK 3.1975 BOB to CZK 0.3127 CZK to BOB
BOB BOB DKK DKK 1.0059 BOB to DKK 0.9942 DKK to BOB
BOB BOB HUF HUF 50.1411 BOB to HUF 0.0199 HUF to BOB
BOB BOB KZT KZT 64.9405 BOB to KZT 0.0154 KZT to BOB
BOB BOB LVL LVL 0.088 BOB to LVL 11.3677 LVL to BOB
BOB BOB MKD MKD 8.3269 BOB to MKD 0.1201 MKD to BOB
BOB BOB MDL MDL 2.5689 BOB to MDL 0.3893 MDL to BOB
BOB BOB NOK NOK 1.6034 BOB to NOK 0.6237 NOK to BOB
BOB BOB PLN PLN 0.6096 BOB to PLN 1.6405 PLN to BOB
BOB BOB RON RON 0.6707 BOB to RON 1.491 RON to BOB
BOB BOB RUB RUB 11.7376 BOB to RUB 0.0852 RUB to BOB
BOB BOB SEK SEK 1.5687 BOB to SEK 0.6375 SEK to BOB
BOB BOB CHF CHF 0.1315 BOB to CHF 7.603 CHF to BOB
BOB BOB TRY TRY 3.041 BOB to TRY 0.3288 TRY to BOB
BOB BOB UAH UAH 5.3446 BOB to UAH 0.1871 UAH to BOB
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BOB ARS ARS 34.9311 BOB to ARS 0.0286 ARS to BOB
BOB BOB BRL BRL 0.7293 BOB to BRL 1.3712 BRL to BOB
BOB BOB CAD CAD 0.1953 BOB to CAD 5.1198 CAD to BOB
BOB BOB KYD KYD 0.1206 BOB to KYD 8.2922 KYD to BOB
BOB BOB CLP CLP 117.0267 BOB to CLP 0.0085 CLP to BOB
BOB BOB COP COP 638.5798 BOB to COP 0.0016 COP to BOB
BOB BOB CRC CRC 78.0669 BOB to CRC 0.0128 CRC to BOB
BOB BOB DOP DOP 7.908 BOB to DOP 0.1265 DOP to BOB
BOB BOB SVC SVC 1.2662 BOB to SVC 0.7898 SVC to BOB
BOB BOB FJD FJD 0.3252 BOB to FJD 3.0749 FJD to BOB
BOB BOB HNL HNL 3.5577 BOB to HNL 0.2811 HNL to BOB
BOB BOB JMD JMD 22.3706 BOB to JMD 0.0447 JMD to BOB
BOB BOB MXN MXN 2.5501 BOB to MXN 0.3921 MXN to BOB
BOB BOB ANG ANG 0.2608 BOB to ANG 3.8343 ANG to BOB
BOB BOB PYG PYG 1052.4961 BOB to PYG 0.001 PYG to BOB
BOB BOB PEN PEN 0.5316 BOB to PEN 1.8811 PEN to BOB
BOB BOB TTD TTD 0.9795 BOB to TTD 1.021 TTD to BOB
BOB BOB USD USD 0.1454 BOB to USD 6.8762 USD to BOB
BOB BOB UYU UYU 5.608 BOB to UYU 0.1783 UYU to BOB
BOB BOB VEF VEF 380766.228 BOB to VEF 0 VEF to BOB
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BOB AUD AUD 0.2199 BOB to AUD 4.5485 AUD to BOB
BOB BOB BDT BDT 15.524 BOB to BDT 0.0644 BDT to BOB
BOB BOB BND BND 0.1956 BOB to BND 5.1131 BND to BOB
BOB BOB CNY CNY 1.0287 BOB to CNY 0.9721 CNY to BOB
BOB BOB INR INR 11.9728 BOB to INR 0.0835 INR to BOB
BOB BOB IDR IDR 2160.7826 BOB to IDR 0.0005 IDR to BOB
BOB BOB JPY JPY 20.1763 BOB to JPY 0.0496 JPY to BOB
BOB BOB MYR MYR 0.6677 BOB to MYR 1.4978 MYR to BOB
BOB BOB MVR MVR 2.2255 BOB to MVR 0.4493 MVR to BOB
BOB BOB NPR NPR 19.0862 BOB to NPR 0.0524 NPR to BOB
BOB BOB NZD NZD 0.2382 BOB to NZD 4.1977 NZD to BOB
BOB BOB PKR PKR 41.2858 BOB to PKR 0.0242 PKR to BOB
BOB BOB PGK PGK 0.5201 BOB to PGK 1.9226 PGK to BOB
BOB BOB PHP PHP 8.1312 BOB to PHP 0.123 PHP to BOB
BOB BOB SCR SCR 1.9337 BOB to SCR 0.5171 SCR to BOB
BOB BOB SGD SGD 0.1956 BOB to SGD 5.1134 SGD to BOB
BOB BOB KRW KRW 190.0144 BOB to KRW 0.0053 KRW to BOB
BOB BOB LKR LKR 42.6919 BOB to LKR 0.0234 LKR to BOB
BOB BOB TWD TWD 4.4569 BOB to TWD 0.2244 TWD to BOB
BOB BOB THB THB 5.0305 BOB to THB 0.1988 THB to BOB
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BOB BHD BHD 0.0548 BOB to BHD 18.2394 BHD to BOB
BOB BOB EGP EGP 4.4941 BOB to EGP 0.2225 EGP to BOB
BOB BOB HKD HKD 1.1389 BOB to HKD 0.878 HKD to BOB
BOB BOB ILS ILS 0.5446 BOB to ILS 1.8361 ILS to BOB
BOB BOB JOD JOD 0.1032 BOB to JOD 9.6943 JOD to BOB
BOB BOB KWD KWD 0.0447 BOB to KWD 22.3602 KWD to BOB
BOB BOB LBP LBP 2172.1384 BOB to LBP 0.0005 LBP to BOB
BOB BOB OMR OMR 0.056 BOB to OMR 17.8601 OMR to BOB
BOB BOB QAR QAR 0.5295 BOB to QAR 1.8885 QAR to BOB
BOB BOB SAR SAR 0.5454 BOB to SAR 1.8336 SAR to BOB
BOB BOB AED AED 0.5342 BOB to AED 1.872 AED to BOB
BOB BOB YER YER 36.4082 BOB to YER 0.0275 YER to BOB
Updated: 2023-06-02
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BOB DZD DZD 19.8504 BOB to DZD 0.0504 DZD to BOB
BOB BOB KES KES 20.1638 BOB to KES 0.0496 KES to BOB
BOB BOB MUR MUR 6.6969 BOB to MUR 0.1493 MUR to BOB
BOB BOB MAD MAD 1.4723 BOB to MAD 0.6792 MAD to BOB
BOB BOB NAD NAD 2.8679 BOB to NAD 0.3487 NAD to BOB
BOB BOB NIO NIO 5.2932 BOB to NIO 0.1889 NIO to BOB
BOB BOB NGN NGN 67.0792 BOB to NGN 0.0149 NGN to BOB
BOB BOB SLL SLL 2872.2205 BOB to SLL 0.0003 SLL to BOB
BOB BOB ZAR ZAR 2.8507 BOB to ZAR 0.3508 ZAR to BOB
BOB BOB TZS TZS 343.9398 BOB to TZS 0.0029 TZS to BOB
BOB BOB TND TND 0.4495 BOB to TND 2.2248 TND to BOB
BOB BOB UGX UGX 542.8386 BOB to UGX 0.0018 UGX to BOB
BOB BOB XOF XOF 88.6367 BOB to XOF 0.0113 XOF to BOB
BOB BOB ZMK ZMK 1309.0349 BOB to ZMK 0.0008 ZMK to BOB

Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)

Sign $ or B$
1 Bolivian Boliviano is subdivided into 100 cents.

BOB is the official currency code for the Bolivian boliviano which itself is the official currency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, more commonly known as Bolivia. The currency sign and symbol for the boliviano is "Bs'" or "Bs." with each boliviano being officialy subdivided into 100 centavos. The denotation for centavos in Bolivia is "Cvs.". The Banco Central de Bolivia is the central bank of Bolivia and the sole issuer of the BOB as both banknotes and coins.

Coins used:
Cvs. 10, 20, 50; Bs. 1, 2, 5

Banknotes used:
Bs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200

Central Bank
Banco Central de Bolivia
The current issue of the BOB was made in 1987 when the BOB replaced the peso boliviano at an devalued exchange rate of 1 million boliviano peso to each single new boliviano. This exchange rate and devaluation was made as a direct action against runaway inflation that had plagued the nation prior to this point. Bolivia currently uses the United States dollar (USD) as its reserve currency and in fact over 90% of bank deposits in the country are held in USD.

Bolivia has been able to control inflation in recent years with tighter monetary and fiscal policies as well as with a central bank focus on price stability. The Bolivian GDP is weighted towards service industries, yet over 40% of the population works in agriculture which produces on 11% of GDP.

The banknotes for the BOB are issued in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 bolivianos. As of 1991 the Bs.2 banknote was discontinued and replaced with the Bs.2 coin. The Bs.5 banknote was also replaced by the Bs.5 coin, but the Bs.5 banknote was never officially discontinued. BOB coins are found in 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centavos and 1 and 2 boliviano denominations. Though the 2 and 5 centavo coins are no longer officially in circulation they are still recognized as legal currency.

Other References
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