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Thai Baht (THB) Exchange Rates on 19th June 2021 (19/06/2021)

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Exchange rates for Thai Baht (THB)

Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 THB Conversion in currency Conversion
THB GBP 0.023 THB to GBP 43.4289 GBP to THB
THB BGN 0.0525 THB to BGN 19.0514 BGN to THB
THB HRK 0.2011 THB to HRK 4.9722 HRK to THB
THB CZK 0.6858 THB to CZK 1.4582 CZK to THB
THB DKK 0.1994 THB to DKK 5.0163 DKK to THB
THB HUF 9.5399 THB to HUF 0.1048 HUF to THB
THB KZT 13.6153 THB to KZT 0.0734 KZT to THB
THB LVL 0.0192 THB to LVL 51.983 LVL to THB
THB Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.6447 THB to MKD 0.608 MKD to THB
THB MDL 0.5686 THB to MDL 1.7588 MDL to THB
THB id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.2757 THB to NOK 3.6267 NOK to THB
THB PLN 0.122 THB to PLN 8.1939 PLN to THB
THB RON 0.1321 THB to RON 7.571 RON to THB
THB RUB 2.3152 THB to RUB 0.4319 RUB to THB
THB Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 THB to SKK 0 SKK to THB
THB SEK 0.2738 THB to SEK 3.6524 SEK to THB
THB CHF 0.0294 THB to CHF 34.0654 CHF to THB
THB TRY 0.2779 THB to TRY 3.5989 TRY to THB
THB UAH 0.8649 THB to UAH 1.1561 UAH to THB
Updated: 2021-06-19
Convert from Convert to 1 THB Conversion in currency Conversion
THB ARS 3.0329 THB to ARS 0.3297 ARS to THB
THB BOB 0.2196 THB to BOB 4.553 BOB to THB
THB BRL 0.1619 THB to BRL 6.1774 BRL to THB
THB Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0397 THB to CAD 25.2194 CAD to THB
THB KYD 0.0265 THB to KYD 37.726 KYD to THB
THB CLP 23.8075 THB to CLP 0.042 CLP to THB
THB COP 119.8638 THB to COP 0.0083 COP to THB
THB CRC 19.6417 THB to CRC 0.0509 CRC to THB
THB DOP 1.8153 THB to DOP 0.5509 DOP to THB
THB SVC 0.2783 THB to SVC 3.5928 SVC to THB
THB FJD 0.0657 THB to FJD 15.2268 FJD to THB
THB HNL 0.7671 THB to HNL 1.3036 HNL to THB
THB Flag of Jamaica JMD 4.7837 THB to JMD 0.209 JMD to THB
THB MXN 0.6575 THB to MXN 1.5209 MXN to THB
THB ANG 0.0571 THB to ANG 17.5146 ANG to THB
THB PYG 214.4893 THB to PYG 0.0047 PYG to THB
THB xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.1247 THB to PEN 8.0207 PEN to THB
THB TTD 0.2159 THB to TTD 4.6317 TTD to THB
THB USD 0.0318 THB to USD 31.444 USD to THB
THB xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 1.3892 THB to UYU 0.7198 UYU to THB