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Thai Baht (THB) Exchange Rates on 24th May 2022 (24/05/2022)

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Exchange rates for Thai Baht (THB)

Updated: 2022-05-24
Convert from Convert to 1 THB Conversion in currency Conversion
THB GBP 0.0233 THB to GBP 42.9665 GBP to THB
THB BGN 0.0536 THB to BGN 18.6536 BGN to THB
THB HRK 0.2063 THB to HRK 4.848 HRK to THB
THB CZK 0.675 THB to CZK 1.4815 CZK to THB
THB DKK 0.2038 THB to DKK 4.9059 DKK to THB
THB HUF 10.4718 THB to HUF 0.0955 HUF to THB
THB KZT 12.3561 THB to KZT 0.0809 KZT to THB
THB LVL 0.0177 THB to LVL 56.5294 LVL to THB
THB Flag of North Macedonia MKD 1.6888 THB to MKD 0.5921 MKD to THB
THB MDL 0.5604 THB to MDL 1.7845 MDL to THB
THB id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.2813 THB to NOK 3.555 NOK to THB
THB PLN 0.1264 THB to PLN 7.9131 PLN to THB
THB RON 0.1355 THB to RON 7.3785 RON to THB
THB RUB 1.7286 THB to RUB 0.5785 RUB to THB
THB Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 THB to SKK 0 SKK to THB
THB SEK 0.2878 THB to SEK 3.4744 SEK to THB
THB CHF 0.0283 THB to CHF 35.3838 CHF to THB
THB TRY 0.4667 THB to TRY 2.1426 TRY to THB
THB UAH 0.8645 THB to UAH 1.1567 UAH to THB
Updated: 2022-05-24
Convert from Convert to 1 THB Conversion in currency Conversion
THB ARS 3.4773 THB to ARS 0.2876 ARS to THB
THB BOB 0.2012 THB to BOB 4.9708 BOB to THB
THB BRL 0.1408 THB to BRL 7.1008 BRL to THB
THB Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0374 THB to CAD 26.7089 CAD to THB
THB KYD 0.0244 THB to KYD 41.007 KYD to THB
THB CLP 24.2873 THB to CLP 0.0412 CLP to THB
THB COP 115.9072 THB to COP 0.0086 COP to THB
THB CRC 19.6424 THB to CRC 0.0509 CRC to THB
THB DOP 1.6156 THB to DOP 0.619 DOP to THB
THB SVC 0.2561 THB to SVC 3.9054 SVC to THB
THB FJD 0.0632 THB to FJD 15.8345 FJD to THB
THB HNL 0.719 THB to HNL 1.3909 HNL to THB
THB Flag of Jamaica JMD 4.5284 THB to JMD 0.2208 JMD to THB
THB MXN 0.5825 THB to MXN 1.7168 MXN to THB
THB ANG 0.0527 THB to ANG 18.962 ANG to THB
THB PYG 199.9348 THB to PYG 0.005 PYG to THB
THB xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="Flag_of_Peru"> PEN 0.1091 THB to PEN 9.162 PEN to THB
THB TTD 0.1986 THB to TTD 5.0346 TTD to THB
THB USD 0.0292 THB to USD 34.194 USD to THB
THB xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"> UYU 1.1806 THB to UYU 0.847 UYU to THB