Jordanian Dinar (JOD) Exchange Rates on 07th December 2019 (07/12/2019)

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Exchange rates for Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JOD Conversion in currency Conversion
JOD GBP 1.0733 JOD to GBP 0.9317 GBP to JOD
JOD BGN 2.4908 JOD to BGN 0.4015 BGN to JOD
JOD HRK 9.4851 JOD to HRK 0.1054 HRK to JOD
JOD CZK 32.5506 JOD to CZK 0.0307 CZK to JOD
JOD DKK 9.528 JOD to DKK 0.105 DKK to JOD
JOD HUF 422.21 JOD to HUF 0.0024 HUF to JOD
JOD KZT 544.3016 JOD to KZT 0.0018 KZT to JOD
JOD LVL 0.8531 JOD to LVL 1.1722 LVL to JOD
JOD LTL 4.1644 JOD to LTL 0.2401 LTL to JOD
JOD MKD 78.3091 JOD to MKD 0.0128 MKD to JOD
JOD MDL 24.5322 JOD to MDL 0.0408 MDL to JOD
JOD NOK 12.8856 JOD to NOK 0.0776 NOK to JOD
JOD PLN 5.4531 JOD to PLN 0.1834 PLN to JOD
JOD RON 6.0943 JOD to RON 0.1641 RON to JOD
JOD RUB 89.8014 JOD to RUB 0.0111 RUB to JOD
JOD SEK 13.3914 JOD to SEK 0.0747 SEK to JOD
JOD CHF 1.3978 JOD to CHF 0.7154 CHF to JOD
JOD TRY 8.1471 JOD to TRY 0.1227 TRY to JOD
JOD UAH 33.4493 JOD to UAH 0.0299 UAH to JOD
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JOD Conversion in currency Conversion
JOD ARS 84.475 JOD to ARS 0.0118 ARS to JOD
JOD BOB 9.7528 JOD to BOB 0.1025 BOB to JOD
JOD BRL 5.8409 JOD to BRL 0.1712 BRL to JOD
JOD CAD 1.8694 JOD to CAD 0.5349 CAD to JOD
JOD KYD 1.1754 JOD to KYD 0.8508 KYD to JOD
JOD CLP 1096.8419 JOD to CLP 0.0009 CLP to JOD
JOD COP 4829.7688 JOD to COP 0.0002 COP to JOD
JOD CRC 798.2838 JOD to CRC 0.0013 CRC to JOD
JOD DOP 74.9393 JOD to DOP 0.0133 DOP to JOD
JOD SVC 12.3413 JOD to SVC 0.081 SVC to JOD
JOD FJD 3.0665 JOD to FJD 0.3261 FJD to JOD
JOD HNL 35.1109 JOD to HNL 0.0285 HNL to JOD
JOD JMD 198.2391 JOD to JMD 0.005 JMD to JOD
JOD MXN 27.2124 JOD to MXN 0.0367 MXN to JOD
JOD ANG 2.4188 JOD to ANG 0.4134 ANG to JOD
JOD PYG 9085.1345 JOD to PYG 0.0001 PYG to JOD
JOD PEN 4.7663 JOD to PEN 0.2098 PEN to JOD
JOD TTD 9.5295 JOD to TTD 0.1049 TTD to JOD
JOD USD 1.4104 JOD to USD 0.709 USD to JOD
JOD UYU 53.3482 JOD to UYU 0.0187 UYU to JOD
JOD VEF 14.0859 JOD to VEF 0.071 VEF to JOD
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JOD Conversion in currency Conversion
JOD AUD 2.0609 JOD to AUD 0.4852 AUD to JOD
JOD BDT 119.6003 JOD to BDT 0.0084 BDT to JOD
JOD BND 1.9179 JOD to BND 0.5214 BND to JOD
JOD CNY 9.9223 JOD to CNY 0.1008 CNY to JOD
JOD INR 100.5544 JOD to INR 0.0099 INR to JOD
JOD IDR 19778.6802 JOD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to JOD
JOD JPY 153.1381 JOD to JPY 0.0065 JPY to JOD
JOD MYR 5.8664 JOD to MYR 0.1705 MYR to JOD
JOD MVR 21.7906 JOD to MVR 0.0459 MVR to JOD
JOD NPR 160.725 JOD to NPR 0.0062 NPR to JOD
JOD NZD 2.152 JOD to NZD 0.4647 NZD to JOD
JOD PKR 218.3279 JOD to PKR 0.0046 PKR to JOD
JOD PGK 4.7816 JOD to PGK 0.2091 PGK to JOD
JOD PHP 71.6257 JOD to PHP 0.014 PHP to JOD
JOD SCR 19.325 JOD to SCR 0.0517 SCR to JOD
JOD SGD 1.9183 JOD to SGD 0.5213 SGD to JOD
JOD KRW 1672.9802 JOD to KRW 0.0006 KRW to JOD
JOD LKR 255.5618 JOD to LKR 0.0039 LKR to JOD
JOD TWD 42.9271 JOD to TWD 0.0233 TWD to JOD
JOD THB 42.808 JOD to THB 0.0234 THB to JOD
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JOD Conversion in currency Conversion
JOD BHD 0.5319 JOD to BHD 1.8802 BHD to JOD
JOD EGP 22.7673 JOD to EGP 0.0439 EGP to JOD
JOD HKD 11.0432 JOD to HKD 0.0906 HKD to JOD
JOD ILS 4.8963 JOD to ILS 0.2042 ILS to JOD
JOD KWD 0.4282 JOD to KWD 2.3355 KWD to JOD
JOD LBP 2132.2829 JOD to LBP 0.0005 LBP to JOD
JOD OMR 0.5431 JOD to OMR 1.8414 OMR to JOD
JOD QAR 5.1348 JOD to QAR 0.1948 QAR to JOD
JOD SAR 5.2885 JOD to SAR 0.1891 SAR to JOD
JOD AED 5.1803 JOD to AED 0.193 AED to JOD
JOD YER 353.0833 JOD to YER 0.0028 YER to JOD
Updated: 2019-12-07
Convert from Convert to 1 JOD Conversion in currency Conversion
JOD DZD 168.9193 JOD to DZD 0.0059 DZD to JOD
JOD KES 143.4481 JOD to KES 0.007 KES to JOD
JOD MUR 51.4816 JOD to MUR 0.0194 MUR to JOD
JOD MAD 13.6064 JOD to MAD 0.0735 MAD to JOD
JOD NAD 20.6623 JOD to NAD 0.0484 NAD to JOD
JOD NIO 47.8258 JOD to NIO 0.0209 NIO to JOD
JOD NGN 511.2596 JOD to NGN 0.002 NGN to JOD
JOD SLL 13750.9625 JOD to SLL 0.0001 SLL to JOD
JOD ZAR 20.6224 JOD to ZAR 0.0485 ZAR to JOD
JOD TZS 3240.4442 JOD to TZS 0.0003 TZS to JOD
JOD TND 4.0259 JOD to TND 0.2484 TND to JOD
JOD UGX 5197.2577 JOD to UGX 0.0002 UGX to JOD
JOD XOF 833.5225 JOD to XOF 0.0012 XOF to JOD
JOD ZMK 12694.9013 JOD to ZMK 0.0001 ZMK to JOD

Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

Sign JOD
1 Jordanian Dinar is subdivided into 10 dirhams, 100 qirsh/piastre or 1000 fils.

The Jordanian dinar is the official currency of the country of Jordan and is used in the West Bank along with the Israeli shekalim (ILS). This dual use of currencies proved helpful during the seventies and eighties when the ILS was under hyperinflation, the JOD provided the West Bank stability. The JOD has its value pegged to the International Monetary Fund Drawing Rights which in practice makes it so the JOD is in effect pegged to the United States dollar (USD). The issuance and monetary policies that manage the JOD are under the control of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Coins used:
, 1 qirsh, 2, 5, 10 piastres, , , 1 dinar

Banknotes used:
1, 5, 10, 20, 50 dinars

Central Bank
Central Bank of Jordan
Each Jordanian dinar can be subdivided into 10 dirham, each dirham into 10 qirsh (or piastres), and each qirsh/piastre into 10 fils. Therefore the 1/10 a dinar is 1 dirham, 1/100 dinar is one qirsh or piastre, and 1/1000 dinar is one fils.

The Central Bank of Jordan has as its mandate the management of currencies, including Gold, for the benefit of Jordan. As a wholly owned division of the Jordanian government the central bank is not independent and as such is seen merely as a tool of fiscal policy and a mechanism by which to facilitate transactions. The Central Bank also controls the circulation of the JOD. Currently the JOD has banknotes in circulation with values at 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dinars and mints coins in values of and 1 qirsh as well as 2, 5, and 10 piastres and , , and 1 dinar. For travelers this specific breakdown into 3 types of monetary subdivision, each factored at 1/10th and not 1/100 can be confusing and as such makes it easy to become confused in transactions.

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