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Lebanese Pound (LBP) Exchange Rates on 27th June 2022 (27/06/2022)

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Exchange rates for Lebanese Pound (LBP)

Updated: 2022-06-27
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP GBP 0.0005 LBP to GBP 1851.9144 GBP to LBP
LBP BGN 0.0012 LBP to BGN 815.25 BGN to LBP
LBP HRK 0.0047 LBP to HRK 211.6296 HRK to LBP
LBP CZK 0.0155 LBP to CZK 64.4052 CZK to LBP
LBP DKK 0.0047 LBP to DKK 214.0276 DKK to LBP
LBP HUF 0.2519 LBP to HUF 3.9706 HUF to LBP
LBP KZT 0.309 LBP to KZT 3.2362 KZT to LBP
LBP LVL 0.0004 LBP to LVL 2495.3066 LVL to LBP
LBP Flag of North Macedonia MKD 0.0386 LBP to MKD 25.9061 MKD to LBP
LBP MDL 0.0127 LBP to MDL 78.6557 MDL to LBP
LBP id="Flag_of_Norway"> NOK 0.0065 LBP to NOK 153.1069 NOK to LBP
LBP PLN 0.0029 LBP to PLN 339.8141 PLN to LBP
LBP RON 0.0031 LBP to RON 322.1947 RON to LBP
LBP RUB 0.0354 LBP to RUB 28.2531 RUB to LBP
LBP Flag of Slovakia image/svg+xml Flag of Slovakia SKK 0 LBP to SKK 0 SKK to LBP
LBP SEK 0.0067 LBP to SEK 148.9821 SEK to LBP
LBP CHF 0.0006 LBP to CHF 1575.7306 CHF to LBP
LBP TRY 0.011 LBP to TRY 90.6009 TRY to LBP
LBP UAH 0.0195 LBP to UAH 51.2182 UAH to LBP
Updated: 2022-06-27
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP ARS 0.0821 LBP to ARS 12.1791 ARS to LBP
LBP BOB 0.0046 LBP to BOB 219.6324 BOB to LBP
LBP BRL 0.0035 LBP to BRL 287.8913 BRL to LBP
LBP Flag of Canada (Pantone colours) CAD 0.0009 LBP to CAD 1172.0785 CAD to LBP
LBP KYD 0.0006 LBP to KYD 1814.484 KYD to LBP
LBP CLP 0.6081 LBP to CLP 1.6444 CLP to LBP
LBP COP 2.7432 LBP to COP 0.3645 COP to LBP
LBP CRC 0.4572 LBP to CRC 2.1872 CRC to LBP
LBP DOP 0.036 LBP to DOP 27.7454 DOP to LBP
LBP SVC 0.0058 LBP to SVC 172.8101 SVC to LBP
LBP FJD 0.0014 LBP to FJD 690.2094 FJD to LBP
LBP HNL 0.0162 LBP to HNL 61.5408 HNL to LBP
LBP Flag of Jamaica JMD 0.1 LBP to JMD 10.0023 JMD to LBP